Twain, Shania

Send It With Love

This is the much publicised collection of rock demos that Shania Twain recorded back in 1989 and 1990 with hard rock veteran Paul Sabu. All but five of the songs were co-written by Sabu and Twain. At the time of the recordings, Sabu had been working with another gorgeous Canadian singer, Lee Metal Queen Aaron. Not surprisingly, the album sounds *a lot* like Aarons AORish late 80s albums. Some of the lyrics are a bit cheesy in places, but thats more of a reflection on the time period in which it was written, than on the songwriting talents of Twain and Sabu This entire package has been digitally remastered from the original recordings. The tracks range in style from pretty much pure pop, to AOR, to even some borderline hard rock. There is also one full on dance pop track, For The Love Of Him, which also appears a second time on the album in a dance mix version. On this album, Shania sounds absolutely incredible and you can really tell just what a fantastic voice she has

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