Sonic Rendezvous

Sonic Rendezvous started almost 3 decennia ago and is based in Alkmaar (about 30 minutes north of Amsterdam). It started off small, with just a few labels, but we have grown a lot since.

Vinyl has always been an important focus for us, but of course we also sell CD’s and DVD’s and Blu-Rays. Fifteen years ago, we added a quite substantial film department. We sell films and documentaries, with the main focus on the Dutch and the Belgium market.

Besides physical distribution for our own labels, we also provide logistic solutions to likeminded partners for film and music. In addition, we also offer digital distribution to bands and record labels.

We carry a wide spectrum of genres: Pop, alternative, noise, punk-rock, garage, 60’s skate/surf, ska, hardcore, metal, minimalist, industrial, Americana, singer/songwriter, blues, country, jazz, South American -and African music.

Because of the volume of our shipments we have affordable freight prices. We ship records all over the world.