The Complete Trojan And Talion Discography 84-90

CD 1 features the debut Trojan full length studio album, Chasing The Storm, originally released in 1985, while CD 2 features a full Trojan live set recorded at the Dynamo Club in Eindhoven, Holland. CD 3 features the full-length studio album Killing The World, originally released in 1989, and recorded under the name Talion, while CD 4 features a full Talion live set recorded in Bulgaria, plus additional demo tracks. CD 5 features rare and unreleased Trojan demos. Originally founded in Wigan in 1982 by guitarist Pete Wadeson, Trojan played an aggressive hybrid of speed and thrash metal, playing a riff heavy brand of metal that drew comparisons to Motorhead and Metallica, while retaining the melodic precision of the NWOBHM era The bands debut album was released on Roadrunner in 1985, with the band having previously debuted a track on the Ebony Records compilation Metal Maniaxe in 1982. Resurfacing under the name Talion in 1988, they released the intense Killing The World via Major Records, an offshoot of Peaceville Records, in 1989. Now reformed and performing once again under the name Trojan, this release features extensive liner notes, photos, and archive material supplied by band mainstay Pete Wadeson.

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