Looking Out For No.1

"Looking Out For No. 1", recorded and mixed in early 2007 by Christoph Schneider ( Clayton Farlow / ex Klee ) and mastered by Kai Blankenberg at Skyline, is an eleven track, 34 minute hit on hit powerpop pile up. Sure, Keegan have  been compared to the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, The Wombats or even Tokyo Police Club ( all of whom they admire by the way!)  but theyve taken these inputs, their love for British indie music in general, and a fascination for those great, larger than life 70s rock bands, like Kiss or Cheap Trick, and created a highly infectious set of songs that sound like no one else but Keegan. From the opening dancefloor killer, leased to meet you to the closing emotionially charged, nd now in black and white they prove time and time again, that this is one debut act without an identity crisis! Theres no HE in KEEGAN! Tracklisting; 01. Pleased to meet you 2:58 02. Dont say a thing 2:54 03. Set to stun 2:08 04. Brixton Rd. 2:27 05. Jackie Queen 2:55 06. Sick & tired 2:39 07. Breaking out 3:32 08. Shake appeal 3:45 09. Shoot out the lights 3:03 10. Comes undone 2:50 11. And now in black and white 3:52

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