"Splitter" is a retrospective and a musical time travel back to the early days of the band in 1993, when Illuminate set out to change the German Dark Wave and Gothic scene forever. " Illuminate is the first band to introduce real choruses to German dark music!" a renowned music magazine wrote. Pulled to pieces by the critics due to their penchant for poppy melodies and catchy choruses, Illuminate never looked back and made their way to the top of the German-speaking alternative Dark Wave groups - so far, they have sold over 200.000 copies of their CDs! Illuminate manage to combine classic elements, dance rhythms, electronic sound collages, romantic piano passages and hefty guitars without ever losing their own unique sound. Their twelfth album "Splitter" is about 60 minutes long, containing 13 songs: the first Illuminate song ever ("Ahasverus", in the original 1993 recording version), new versions of old classics and even early tracks so far unreleased, rare sampler contributions, exclusive remixes and three brand-new songs. Of course, you'll also get some eye candy on "Splitter": exclusive photo material covering 16 years of Illuminate band history, personal remarks and anecdotes regarding every single track - the 20-page booklet of this strictly limited release (only 1.999 copies will be manufactured) is a gem for the real Illuminate fan. On "Splitter", Illuminate prove impressively that they have some irons in the fire yet - they are still capable of leaving their mark on the dark scene with their very own style.

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