Hummingbird Of Death

Full Spectrum Dominance

In your hands you hold a whopping forty-six minute, 91 song collection LP of the bands out of print work and unreleased items from 2005-2008. There is not a moment listening to this that your brain catches up. Think of TLALs past releases of MAGRUDERGRINDs 62 Trax Of Trash and XBRAINIAXs Hail Fastcore, this is more of the quality fast blasts that get your heart beating 120 bpm along with the blastbeats. Mastered to help some of the rawer releases flow better. On this youll find Diagnosis: Delicious EP, their split with I ACCUSE!, their split with PILE OF MAGGOT INFESTED VISCERA, the Goatmeal EP, their split with CHAINSAW TO THE FACE, their split with DEAD STARE, Works Both Ways, their original Lightspeed Demo, and four previously unreleased songs. Covers across all releases include covers of KORO, SCREECHING WEASEL, NO COMMENT, INFEST, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY, COLD WORLD, and no fast band is without a quality cover of Couch Slouch by D.R.I. Some insane full color art from friend and ex-XBRAINIAX member Lucas Korte. You get the point, a whole lot of really well done fastcore bands from the aughts, collected and expertly mastered and normalized, all in one place on a limited vinyl LP. If you ever had a CHARLES BRONSON patch crudely sewn on your pants, then youre doing yourself a major disservice by not buying this immediately.

LP - 1 disk
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