Das Ich

Die Propheten

After many musical experiments, Stefan Ackermann (voices and lyrics) and Bruno Kramm (instruments, music) decided to form das ich in 1989. * In 1991, das ich released the maxi CD "Satanische Verse" and their debut album "Die Propheten" on Bruno Kramms own label, Danse Macabre. das ich skillfully mixed electronic, symphonic and early industrial elements into an explosive cocktail unprecedented in the often clich ridden German music culture. das ich established itself with a fixed position in the scene and became the very epitome of experimental and electronic music. They are celebrated as the starting spark of a new genre of post wave, post Kraftwerk, post Neubauten era, and successfully led the way in the charts of the independent scene. Tours all over Europe strengthened the position of das ich, who quickly got a reputation for being "apocalyptic eccentrics", since their concerts appear to be evil and bone-jarring spectacles. tracklisting; 1. Es Ist Ja Krieg... 2. Kain Und Abel 3. Die Propheten 4. Des Satans Neue Kleider 5. Gottes Tod 6. Der Hass 7. Ln Und Das Ich 8. Frevel + Bonustracks 9. Ln Und Das Ich (Neuafunahme) 10. Die Propheten (Neuaufnahme) 11. Gottes Tod(Neuaufnahme

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