Live At Soulcrusher

Formed in 2011, Coilgunshassince released 5 eps and 3 studio albums. Their blend ofvindictive punk-hardcore with blackened noise rock, their straight up DIY ethic mixed with the will ofexposing their band to a more mainstream audience makes this band unique. So does their live performances led by the unpredictable and franticstage presence of the bands frontmanLouis Jucker. The band has touredrelentlesslythroughout Europe with Birds In Row, Cult Leader, Ken Mode, Baronessand Dillinger Escape Plan. Members of Baronessand Rotten Soundare featured on two songs of the bands discography. They also created their own record label -Hummus Records-on which theyve released alltheir music and more than 120 records from other artists. This live album was captured during the bands second show in 18 months, on Oct. 2nd, 2021, when they were the closing band at Nijmegens finest heavy musics festival:Soulcrusher Festival. One of the first live festival to happen after the pandemic. This show was more than needed by its membersand it brought the whole crowd to madness. One thing no one in the band knewis that someone was filming the show with 6 camerasand recording theaudio.. This is a live album that wasnt meant to be, with the energy of a band that played their guts outand without carrying aboutplaying wrong or too fast. This double live album is PURE AND GENUINE ENERGYas well as positivity through darksounds and times

LP - 2 disk
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