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1 - GALANT TROOPERS - #1 - (CD) 

After RROBIN and Rhino, Galant Records keeps on exploring the huge areas of beat making, in plunging into hip-hop with the previously unseen duo Kuna Maze and Vax1, forming Galant Troopers.Even though french media laugh at defining french rap as "the new pop", in Galant Records we prefer to keep on observing this constantly moving genre and give these artists the opportunity to show their differences. Far from being an Ouroboros (which is an ancient symbol representing the snake biting its tail), the rap borrows new forms and, such as Sangoku as the anime series go by, it keeps on surprising. Just as with new voices as with new beatmakers, you attend a plurality of sub-gender into hip-hop.For the first volume of this multifaceted project, we invited the main producer of LOr du Commun: Vax1, along with Kuna Maze, the author of the mind-blowing album "2009" that came out last year at Cascade Records. As the real driving force for the lyricists, Galant Troopers has dug far beyond the explored areas to find its MC.Even though Double A is well-known for having produced Vax1, the rest of this track list offers several previously unseen collaborations: the Belgians Blu Samu and Jay MNG, the Australian Nelson Dialect and the Mancunian Black Josh.With this international casting, our duo offers an intense and singular album, which reveals an artistic coherence close to a nu-jazz atmosphere and the London electronic stage, despite the different flows and aspiration of the guests. Following this way far from pop, the hip-hop that this duo brings is only the first opus from an urban dynasty that still has everything to explore.

TRACKLISTING: 01. Gt 02. Black & Blu Ft. Blu Samu 03. King Of Lyon Ft. Black Josh 04. Outside Ft.nelson Dialect 05. Volhouden Ft. Jay Mng 06. Cendrier 07. Exquixit Ft. Double A 08. Unkindly Ft.nelson Dialect

Format: CD

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 15-11-2019
Item # : 534828     
Availability: IN STOCK

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