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The album opens with a haunting piece Exil ; composed by the american multi-instrumentalist Aret Madilian, sang by the french singer Beatrice Valantin, the ancient wind instrument the duduk, played by the armenian Gerard Madilian. (unknown or no clear relation between Aret, the founder of the band and Gerard who share the same unusual last name) and a new comer Guillaume Leprevost, a bassist/guitarist, making his debut on this eight Deleyaman album, Sentinel.Become, the second track, an introspective, dark ballad, re-introduces us to the two voices of Deleyaman, that of Aret and Beatrice singing together.The third track, Keep the Light is a sensual piece with a driving bass and drums culminating in a shoegaze-ish finale. Electric Sky poses a psychedelic atmosphere, preparing the listener for the very dark piece De Roses Vermeilles based on a poem by the french poet Grard de Nerval. The sixth song The Valley, features Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance playing the cimbalom, the greek bouzouki and the drums while Aret and Beatrice's vocals initially converse and then unite. The next piece Still Waters, gently sways from progressive folk to oriental psychedelia. 1973's lyrics are written by Beatrice as a series of images recalling memories of her grandfather. Jules Maxwell, Dead Can Dance's stage keyboardist, accompanies Beatrice on the piano with his unique nostalgic style and Madalina Drouvin Obreja plays the violin. On Deer on the Run Aret and Beatrice's vocals are reminiscent of Leonard Cohen's period with Jennifer Warnes.The last track of the album is a warm and gentle closer entitled Slaves. Sentinel is a voyage into the depths of Deleyaman's musical universe and style. Its soundscapes, emotions and spirit evoke an enigmatic atmosphere and create an inner space between dream and reality.A new addition to Deleyaman's discography which consists of eight albums released over a span of nineteen years.

TRACKLISTING: 01. Exil - 5:59 02. Become - 4:31 03. Keep The Light - 5:21 04. Electric Sky - 4:57 05. De Roses Vermeilles - 5:47 06. The Valley - 5:58 07. Still Waters - 4:47 08. 1973 - 4:18 09. Deer On The Run - 5:15 10. Slaves - 5:47

Format: CD

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 17-01-2020
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