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The most successful German-language musical shows the great love story between Elisabeth, the Empress of Austria,and death. The action takes place between 1852 and 1898 (and a hundred years later in the catacombs of history), inPossenhofen, Vienna and Geneva as well as in various historical and imaginary locations. The portrayal of Elisabeth asa modern woman at the end of the Habsburg era, her struggle to preserve and develop her personality and freedom,has thoroughly corrected the kitschy "Sisi" legend of the film. Death, her fascinating secret lover, is embodied in acontemporary manner by an attractive young man. This love story is peeled open and cynically commented on byLuigi Lucheni, Elisabeth's murderer: like another Mephisto, he leads through this panorama of the turn of the century.A waltz dream of death, extreme, grotesque and funny is this musical, also sentimental and tender, a dance of death"on the deck of the sinking world".The DVD collector's edition includes an elaborate digipack with 2 DVDs, which is surrounded by a slipcase refined withhigh-pressure silver embossing and contour varnish. As a complement to the single DVD, the collector's editionincludes a bonus DVD with a look behind the scenes, facts about the recording and other backstage information. Inaddition, the bonus DVD contains interviews with all the main actors and, as a special highlight, a photo album withpictures from 13 years of Elisabeth-Das Musical. The bonus DVD has English and Japanese subtitles. In addition, incontrast to the single DVD, the recordings of the first and second act are available in 16: 9 format.

TRACKLISTING: 01. Akt 1: Kapitel 1: Prolog Kapitel 02. Halle In Schloss Possenhofen Kapitel 03. Am Ufer Des Starnberger Sees Kapitel 04. Hofburg Wien, Audienzsaal Kapitel 05. Bad Ischl Kapitel 06. Zwischen Himmel Und Erde Kapitel 07. Augustinerkirche In Wien Kapitel 08. Ballsaal Im Schloss Schonbrunn Kapitel 09. Der Letzte Tanz Kapitel 10. Die Gaffer Kapitel 11. Elisabeths Gemacher In Laxenburg Kapitel 12. Ich Gehor Nur Mir Kapitel 13. Stationen Einer Ehe Kapitel 14. Ein Wiener Kaffeehaus Kapitel 15. Vorzimmer Der Erzherzogin Sophie Kapitel 16. Elisabeths Schlafzimmer Kapitel 17. Marktplatz In Wien Kapitel 18. Elisabeths Ankleidezimmer Kapitel 19. Ich Gehor Nur Mir - 20. Reprise Dvd 2: Akt: 2 Kapitel 1: Entr'acte Kapitel 21. Kitsch Kapitel 22. Vor Der Kathedrale In Buda Kapitel 23. Auf Der Budapester Generalwiese/ Wenn Ich Tanzen Will Kapitel 24. Ein Schlafzimmer In Der Hofburg / Mama, Wo Bist Du Kapitel 25. Eine Nervenklinik In Der Nahe Von Wien Kapitel 26. Nichts, Nichts, Gar Nichts Kapitel 27. Salon Der Erzherzogin Sophie In Der Hofburg Kapitel 28. Das Wolf'sche Etablissement In Wien Kapitel 29. Elisabeths Gymnastikzimmer In Schonbrunn Kapitel 30. Bellaria

Format: DVA

Disc Quantity: 2
Release date: 27-05-2021
Item # : 549133     
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