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The Force Dimension was formed in the late 80's by Rene Van Dijck and Tycho de Groot. After some demos and appearances on compilations, the band signed a contract with the Belgian label KK Records. Their self-titled debut was released in 1989 curiously on two different versions, one produced by Luc Van Acker (Revolting Cocks) and the other co-produced by Dirk Ivens (Klinik, Dive). The duo continued developing a very unique sound mixing EBM, industrial and different electronic influences. In 1990 they finished what is considered their definitive work, "Deus Ex Machina", followed by the mega club-hit "Algorythm". The band released another single next year, "New Funk", and after a couple of compilations stopped to work together in 1997. During the next years there were some failed attempts to reunite but it wasn't until 2013 when The Force Dimension was resurrected by Rene Van Dijck."Deus Ex Machina" is being now re-released on an expanded edition with all original tracks plus some bonus including remixes of "Algorythm", some rare tracks from old compilations and new versions of the unreleased songs "Fatal Erection" and "Scanners". Limited edition of 500 copies on double vinyl and gatefold sleeve.

TRACKLISTING: 01. Deus Ex Machina 02. (give Me) Paralizer 03. Mockba 04. Lasergunn 05. Body Snatcher 06. Kill The Light 07. Packman 08. Process & Reality 09. Sarcofague 10. Ritual Dance Movements DISC #2: 01. Dance The Algorythm (special Club Mix) 02. Algorythm (orchestral Mix) 03. Algorythm (cocktail Mix) 04. Algorythm (razormaid Mix) 05. Fatal Erection (new Version) 06. Scanners (new Version) 07. Pas De Deux 08. Attenzione Prego! 09. Sequence Your Body 10. Cradle-song

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Format: LP

Disc Quantity: 2
Release date: 11-10-2019
Item # : 536027     
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An incredible 20 years (!) went by since the last release from this absolut cult EBM band, but now the wait is over and Dirk Ivens is releasing an all new FORCE DIMENSION album on his Daft label! Ren van Dijck (synthesizers, vocals) and Betty Correa (vocals, guitar, percussion) present 13 brandnew tracks, produced by the band itself and mastered by Eric Van Wonterghem. This album is a joined collaboration between Daft Records and Noise Democracy Records from Brasil. Originally started as a trio, Rene van Dijck and Tycho de Groot with effect-generator Armin Elmens-dorp, at the beginning of 1987, a demo was sent all over the world which resulted in a collaboration 7" with the industrial label "De Fabriek", a heavy experimental but melodic participation. During the course of 1988 the band appears on several compilations and develops more and more towards Electronic Body Music, though never losing themselves in clichs, always giving the music its very own touch, like atmospheric ingredients. At last by chance, tapes got in hands of KK Records which offered them a record deal. The label owner takes the unique decision to release the record in two versions. The Blue version produced by Luc van Acker and the Red version - produced by the band itself and sounding rougher and harder. One album more "Deus Ex Machina" plus the twelve inches "Algorhythm" and " New Funk" were released and after their tenth anniversary in 1997, the band fell apart. In 2011, an attempt for a re-union was made, but failed. In 2014, however, another attempt to restart was undertaken, now with a different line-up: Ren van Dijck (synthesizers, vocals) and Betty Correa (vocals, guitar, percussion). This all new album is their first in 20 years!

TRACKLISTING: 01. In Town 02. Today I'm Dead 03. Zombie Kids 04. Exploit 05. Crushed By The Chips 06. Dirt 07. Be Naked 08. Terrified 09. Century Dolls 10. Burnin' 11. Don't Push 12. Feels Like Stone 13. Land Of The Deep Dawn

Format: CD

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 27-01-2017
Item # : 500714     
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