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1 - GENERAL ACCIDENT - 1977-1980 - (CD) 

After Punk Rock hit the headlines in 1976 for all the wrong reasons, this was like a calling to all the bored youth through-out the UK. It was a call to arms!!! Like throwing a boulder into a lake, the ripple effect spurred a whole heap of new bands that still reverberates around the globe today. General accident was close enough to that initial splash to be able to ride out on those early waves. A lot of these grass root level bands were making a noise for themselves and getting out there and doing it, it was an exciting time in music..GENERAL ACCIDENT whose home town was Reading became the Band to see around the town.Soon to be selling out local venues and causing mayhem. Regularly headlining a Punk club called BONES where some big names on the punk scene played. GENERAL ACCIDENT were up there with the best and held their own on stage. As Punk gathered momentum the interest in the band quickly developed and before long they had a solid 200 plus following. This was quite a feat considering they were unknown outside of their home town but sadly such a big posse also threw up problems when they played further afield as they went to support their local heroes in mass and undoubtedly fights and violence followed the band around. The final straw in the bands coffin was that the band came onto the radar of the local Police and the singer got busted for possession. The Police were watching them and had convinced themselves that the band was just a front to a drug ring.. They were raided, arrested,fought the law and the law won.The band were active between 1977 - 1981 and managed to release one single on the Quicksilver label called Computer Dating b/w Person To Person. Both of which are featured on this release along with EIGHTEEN PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS!

TRACKLISTING: 01. Amphetamine Annie 02. Its New Music Not Jazz 03. Rich Girl 04. 9 To 5 05. Walking On The Right Side 06. Computer Dating 07. Person To Person 08. Deranged People 09. Youre The Lonely 10. Troublemakers (live) 11. L.s.e. (live) 12. Dancing (live) 13. Dummies (live) 14. Operation Julie (live) 15. Computer Dating (live) 16. Person To Person (live) 17. Its New Music Not Jazz (live) 18. Checking You Out (live) 19. Does It Matter? (live) 20. Amphetamine Annie (live)

Format: CD

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 30-08-2019
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