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This is a real warehouse discovery - a limited quantity of this rare double vinyl release from 1995. At that time Frank Black was at the peak of his post PIXIES solo success and the previous years "Teenager of the Year" album and world tour has long been accepted as one of his best. The "LES BLACK SESSIONS" was a regular radio show hosted by Bernard Lenoirs - the French John Peel - and this albums contains the entire 19 song live set recorded in Paris for that show that covers three sides of this release, the final side being "THE KITCHEN TAPES", a small selection of demos recorded by Frank and Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago. The album was originally available only as a CD in plain black plastic box direct from Virgin France, while her in the UK Franks label , 4AD, decided not to release the album. At that point small Scottish based indie label Anoise Annoys stepped in and took on the project under licence and the CD hit the independent charts, peaking at number 6. Due to demand a small pressing of 1500 vinyl albums was also produced and it is a few cartons of those that have been discovered in storage recently. The set list was culled from Franks self titled debut album plus the aforementioned "Teenager of the Year" but also featured previews of songs that would appear on the "Men in Black" album a year later.The band line up was - FRANK BLACK - guitars / vocals, LYLE WORKMAN - lead guitar / backing vocals, ERIC DREW FELDMAN - bass / backing vocals, NICK VINCENT - drums / backing vocalsTRACKLISTINGTWO SPACES / (I want to live on an) ABSTRACT PLAIN / HEADACHE / OLD BLACK DAWNING / SUPERABOUND / CALISTAN / THE VANISHING SPACE / SIR ROCKABY / BIG RED / THE JACQUES TATI / ODDBALL / MEN IN BLACK / CZAR / FREEDOM ROCK / (Whatever happened to) PONG / THALASOCRACY / WHITE NOISE MAKER / LOS ANGELES / HANDY MAN. Bonus tracks - "The Kitchen Tapes" - MODERN AGE / JUMPING BEANS

Format: LP

Disc Quantity: 2
Release date: 17-08-2009
Item # : 401419     EXP
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The Bureau is proud to present the release of Frank Blacks Oddballs, a collection of rare gems recorded between 1994 and 1997.Though technically a re-release, Oddballs is a special treat for fans and historians of Blacks epic career. In its initial release in 2000, it was only sold to the lucky folks who went to Frank Black and the Catholics shows. The album is currently out of print, which should be a crime. Oddballs was made during Frank Blacks transition from a solo studio magician to a purist who recorded everything totally live to 2-track (the method which would eventually be perfected by Frank Black and the Catholics). Many of Oddballs treasures are b-sides either from Blacks 1994 acclaimed studio masterpiece Teenager of the Year or from the almost-live, totally raw and powerful Cult of Ray from 1995. Though these oddities are obscure, they are in no way throwaways. Rather, Oddballs gives us a deeper glimpse into Blacks unique vision of rock n roll. There are moments of real poetic beauty in the very surreally rocking "Announcement" and in the punky adieu to actor John Candy "At the End of the World". These are songs at the heart of who Frank Black is at heart: an oddball. Here he is most open and carefree about it. Not many people can yell "Hate Me! My jackets not right" at the top of their lungs and make us like them, yet somehow Frank Black knows how to do it. Oddballs also features outtakes from that era including covers of Roxy Musics "Remake/Remodel" and the Beau Brummels classic "Just a Little

TRACKLISTING: 01. Pray A Little Faster 2:06 02. Oddball 3:00 03. Village Of The Sun 3:33 04. Baby, Thats Art 2:50 05. At The End Of The World 2:25 06. Can I Get A Witness 4:18 07. Announcement 6:01 08. Hate Me 2:05 09. Remake/remodel 3:41 10. Everybody Got The Beat 1:56 11. Jumping Beans 2:55 12. Just A Little 2:22 13. You Never Heard About Me 2:57 14. Man Of Steel 4:55

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Format: CD

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 16-07-2013
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