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Official Record Store Day2017 releaseBlack LP12" with inner sleeveLimited & numbered to 500 copies.Includes Vinyl Download Card with 2 extra tracks10th anniversary editionA Jigsaw is a Portuguese band composed by two multi-instrumentalists: Jorri and Joao Rui, that the specialized press does not hesitate to put next to names like Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave or Tindersticks. Is it perhaps of the deep voice that echoes in the songs imbued with meaning. But it will be essentially due to the strong literary roots and the scenic environments with which his albums are constructed. "Letters From The Boatman", "Like The Wolf", "Drunken Sailors & Happy Pirates" and "No True Magic" are now their studio albuns. With such well-known guests as North American Carla Torgerson (The Walkabouts, Tindersticks) who delivers their voice in the "Black Jeweled Moon" duet of their latest album, Jigsaw has set their career to an enviable consistency. Guests from both Radio and Spanish National Television for concerts, the Jigsaw were also already featured twice in the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles as a project to follow. In 2014 the Jigsaw have created a support band for their concerts: The Great Moonshiners Band, which includes elements such as Victor Torpedo (The Parkinsons, Tiguana Bibles, Trio Boys), Tracy Vandal (Tiguana Bibles) Pedro Antunes (BunnyRanch), Paula Nozzari (The Parkinsons), Guilherme Pimenta (Pedro & los Lobos) and Maria CĂ´rte (Fol & Ar). Jigsaw is an obligatory band, both in album and live. Unconquerable and essential.LETTERS FROM THE BOATMANThis is the title of the album that the a Jigsaw are preparing since February 2005. This time theres a very strong concept underlying the whole project. To express in few words what its about, one must only hear the chorus of the song that gives the album a title: "letters from the boatman, that I have kept".Each song is a letter that the Boatman has written which the a Jigsaw have kept. But its not a common Boatman: its true that it is he who crosses souls across the river, but he is not the inexorable statue that one thinks of: its a more human Boatman - or too human, with doubts, dreams and remorse. This is lyrically-wise. In terms of the sound, the album expresses two sides of the band. In one side, one hears the influence of an older rock arises, still close to the folk and blues, but without sounding as if it were recorded in the era where this sound was born. In the other side, they reveal songs with a more intimate feel, where the acoustic guitar is the man at the helm.

TRACKLISTING: 01. Lions Eye Louder 02. The Waltz Of Fear 03. Youre The One I Want The Most 04. New Man Waiting 05. Blame 06. A River For A Wife 07. Letters From The Boatman 08. Return From Winter 09. My Kindness 10. With My Voice 11. Lifes Like A Riverboat 12. To Whom Shall I Give My Blood? 13. Of Those Who Know Youre Right 14. Leave If You Can

Format: LP

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 22-04-2017
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