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1 - 48 CHAIRS - 70% PARANOID - (LP)    NEW

Documenting the unlikely coupling of British free jazz bastion Lol Coxhill and the sarcy synth pop don't-wannabes known as Gerry And The Holograms this rare incognito full-length album bridges the micro-niches of electronic jazz and punk jazz from a band formed in 1979 at an axis where DIY and new wave hadn't quite collided! With sprinklings of post-punk female vocals worthy of PragVEC and Suburban Lawns, featuring angular art rock paeans to voodoo dolls and closed-circuit TV, this privately pressed LP comes directly from the man who gave Martin Hannett some of his best ideas and wrote the "Blue"print for Manchester's new musical order. Imagine if Talking Heads became Mark E Smiths backing band for a week before being sacked for wearing a Frank Zappa t-shirt while Eric Dolphy forgot to take his headphones off. If that sounds up your street, then you should be paying double. A genuine lost moment from the post-punk era with progressive pop credentials from the university of Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias before everyone got a job at the local Factory. Why are you the only person who doesn't know about this?

TRACKLISTING: 01. Snap It Around 02. Relentless (edit) 03. Camaracadabra 04. Psycle Sluts 05. Samouri Swords 06. Cob On (bonus) 07. You Were Never There 08. Discolero 09. Rhino Whip 10. Too Nice For Nigel 11. Snap It Around (version Edit) 12. Tootsies (bonus)

Format: LP

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 01-02-2019
Item # : 523836     NEW
Availability: 2/3 WEEKS, NOT IN STOCK

2 - 7YH - NO GOING BACK - (CD)    NEW

A transatlantic partnership: UK-based multiinstrumentalistAlan Kelly (ex-Shy) and American vocalist Shawn Pelata (ex-Line Of Fire) have come to release three albums under the name Seven Hard Years (7HY, if you like) 'No Place In Heaven' in 2014 (Lynchburg Music Group) 'Stories We Tell' in 2016 (Lion's Pride Music), and finally, after the addition of fellow multi-instrumentalistand producer Andrew Chick, 'Stories We Tell' in 2017.All three albums were very well-received among rock fans and critics worldwide. The trio of Kelly, Pelata and Chick, teamed once again with Lion's Pride Music, are back with the fourth Seven Hard Years album in March of 2019 entitled 'No Going Back'.Musically, 'No Going Back' shows a significant growth in collaboration among the three members, with Chickcontributing music and arrangement ideas and Pelata,for the first time within the Seven Hard Years mainframe,adding his own lyrical slant. The result is a melodicrecord with strong choruses, big guitars, and a furtheringof what is becoming the classic Seven Hard Years sound.

TRACKLISTING: 01. Can We Try 02. Deep Dark Blue 03. Every Moment 04. I Love You 05. No Going Back 06. Stay Gone 07. Still Falling 08. Can't Trust The Radio 09. Your Reality

Format: CD

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 29-03-2019
Item # : 523688     NEW
Availability: 2/3 WEEKS, NOT IN STOCK

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