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The Zeros is a pioneer punk rock band formed in 1976, often compared with The Ramones due to the energetic guitar driven sound of the group.After two decades without releasing any new songs, they are back with these two new recordings that retain the original essence of The Zeros.

TRACKLISTING: 01. In The Spotlight 02. Nowhere To Run

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Format: 7"

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 13-12-2019
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Here are The Zeros in 2007 reunited one last time to tour in Spain in early 2007.!!! The Zeros, aka "the Mexican Ramones", were an American punk rock band, formed in 1976 in California. In this show only Hector is missing from the original line-up, three-quarters of Chula Vista's finest are here, bashing out energised versions of their old repertoire for an audience that for the most part probably wasn't even born when they were kicking it out. Steve Rodriguez of The Dragons steps in on bass to make it all swing just like it ought to. Their songs stand up better than a lot of '77 alleged brand anthems do. This combo never belonged to the sell-by date mentality and will rightly be dug for all time. EXTRAS : Tv show 1977/ Super 8mm footage 1977/ Combeack show 1992/ Interview with Phast Phreddie/ Discography/ Photos. Now Cheaper!

TRACKLISTING: 01. Pipeline 02. Don't Push Me Around 03. Jenny Says 04. Baby's Gotta Have Her Way 05. Cosmetic Couple 06. Yo No Quiero 07. Black'n'white 08. Handgrenade Heart 09. She's Just Girl On The Block 10. Beat Your Heart Out 11. Little Latin Lupe Lu 12. Lay Off She's Mine 13. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White 14. Sneakin'out 15. Wimp 16. Wild Weekend 17. Chatter Box 18. Knockin'me Dead 19. Boys

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Format: DVD

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Release date: 29-05-2009
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3 - ZEROS, THE - LOST BOYS: 1977-1979 - (CD) 

Formed in 1977 out of boredom, frustration and the lack of exciting music.... When Punk first hit it made a BIG impact on so many disenchanted youths of that blank generation that many took up the calling and started forming bands throughout the UK. One such teenager was Steve Godfrey whose outlook in Walthamstow was just so typical of that time.The only thing that teenagers in that area looked forward to was milling around the local record shop SMALL WONDER records which was situated at 162 Hoe Street. They quickly acknowledged the new music scene and started stocking all the latest Punk sounds that were being released on small DIY labels. With this in mind, the owner Pete Stennett decided to start up his own label as so many new bands sprung up.One such band was THE ZEROS who was the second release on this newly formed label. The tracks "Hungry" backed with "Radio Fun" hit the streets in November 1977 and made a BIG impression and hit No 1 in the NME punk chart that month and more excitement followed when the legendary John Peel invited them into Radio 1 to do a Peel session.In the next year or so they played all the regular Punk haunts / dives including the legendary "Roxy Club", Vortex, Hope and Anchor etc.In 1978, the band signed to "The Label" and did a split release with a track called "Whats Wrong With A Pop Group". The single was release in early 1979 and the label mis-spelt the name of the track to ."Whats Wrong With Pop Group".The band only found out about this new single after reading it in a music paper. Sadly the band split a few months later.Now for the first time you can hear all the bands UNRELEASED demos and the three tracks that came out on SMALL WONDER & THE LABEL, plus the booklet features many many great and never seen photographs some of which were actually taken in this now famous and legendary Small Wonder shop.The Zeros were :-Steve Godfrey (Guitar / Vocals)Steve Cotton (Bass / Vocals)Phil Gaylor (Drums / Vocals)

TRACKLISTING: 01. Hungry 02. Radio Fun 03. Can't Dance 04. She Knows It 05. First Girl 06. Love It When You Call Me A Man 07. Romance 08. Whenever 09. She's In Love With Everyone Else 10. Radio Fun (demo Version) 11. What's Wrong With A Pop Group

Format: CD

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 26-01-2018
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