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Australian band the Black Sorrows is back with the brand new album Endless Sleep. A heartfelt 14 track album, celebrating the musical heroes that, in one way or another, helped shape the music of the Black Sorrows. We get beautiful versions of songs we usually associate with JJ Cale, Lou Reed, Warren Zevon, Blind Willie McTell, Eddie Hinton, Skip James, John Coltrane, Willie DeVille, Hank Williams and many more. But to say that the Black Sorrows is back is only true from a European perspective. After the success in the late eighties with the best selling albums Hold On To Me and Harley & Rose, they seemed to disappear. But back home in Australia, they been touring and recording all the time and with considerable success. The main reason they disappeared from the European radar was that singer, songwriter and band leader Joe Camilleri developed a bad case of fear of flying and prefered to stay in Australia. But thanks to KBT, or what ever it was, he's now ready and able again and this summer will see the band touring in Europe.Working on the European version of Endless Sleep, we decided to add bonus CD to tell the Black Sorrows story of the last 25 years. From the abundance of great stuff in the vaults we put together One More Time with 13 amazing tracks, including hits like Snakeskin Shoes, Hold On To Me and Harley and Rose.

TRACKLISTING: 01. Devil In Disguise 02. Dirty Boulevard 03. God Don't Like It 04. Thats A Pretty Good Love 05. Excitable Boy 06. Endless Sleep 07. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 08. Hard Time Killing Floor 09. Lonnies Lament 10. Better Days Ahead 11. 61 Highway 12. Baby Let Me Kiss You 13. Storybook Love 14. Just Like The Fool I Was DISC #2: 01. Lucky Charm 02. Lovers Story 03. Hold On To Me 04. Lifes Sad Parade 05. The Chosen Ones 06. Snake Skin Shoes 07. Country Girls 08. Aint Love The Strangest Thing 09. Harley And Rose 10. Dear Children 11. Little Murders 12. Daughters Of Glory 13. A Fool And The Moon

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Release date: 29-04-2015
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"I was just into music," says Joe Camilleri of his earliest days playing in bands. "That was all I was interested in. I would live it, breathe it, eat it." Forty-eight albums later, and his 20th -Faithful Satellite-with The Black Sorrows, and if anything hes even more passionate than he ever was. He and longtime songwriting partner Nick Smith pretty much write every day, and ask Joe about a favourite song in his vast catalogue and hell tell you -the next one. Always prolific, he took the band into the studio with 30 songs from which 12 made the final cut for Faithful Satellite. And pretty much all bases are covered as the songs tumble through every kind of genre that has inspired Joe as a writer and passionate music lover himself over the years. The album is a kind of celebratory journey through the most vibrant musical styles of 20th century contemporary music and yet is always totally, unmistakably Joe Camilleri. "Ive always cast a wide net," he admits, and why not? Thats what keeps things exciting after all; for the artist and for the listener. "And its a good rockin band!" Together, they deliver a glorious potpourri that takes in gospel, zydeco, reggae, Texas swing, old-school R&B, soul, dub, even noir -shiver in the slinky It Aint Ever Gonna Happen - and so much more by turns, delivered in one big, sassy, sometimes brassy, always spirited package.

TRACKLISTING: 01. Cold Grey Moon 02. Raise Your Hands 03. You Were Never Mine 04. Fix My Bail 05. It Ain't Ever Gonna Happen 06. Winter Rose 07. I Love You Anyhow 08. Into Twilight 09. Carolina 10. Love Is On It's Way 11. Land Of The Dead 12. Beat Nightmare

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Release date: 11-11-2016
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