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Genre: Electro Industrial / Harsh EBM / Dark ElectroFormat: 2CD (gatefold digifile with integral 16-page booklet)Special Limited Edition of 200 copies!C-LEKKTORs current album "Out of My Way" last year spent 7 weeks in the top 10 of the Deutsche Alternative Charts - a feat emulated by the subsequent single "Animals" - selling out its deluxe 2CD hardback digibook first edition within weeks of release. With stock of the second, single-CD hardback digibook edition now dwindling, and a massive European tour (with NACHTMAHR and CYGNOSIC) on the horizon this October/November, the time is now ripe for a first anniversary 2CD reissue. Featuring the likes of SUICIDE COMMANDO, PRIDE AND FALL, DECODED FEEDBACK and more as remixers, initial quantities of this third edition of this masterpiece of dark electro come in hand-numbered gatefold double-digifile, with all-new cover art and integral 16-page lyric/photo booklet - strictly limited to 200 copies worldwide. The CD2 weighs in at a sizeable 12 tracks (of almost completely unreleased material) - and this companion piece to the original album has understandably been christened "Out of our Way" to reflect the combined efforts of its various contributors!

TRACKLISTING: 01. Obertura Del Panico 02. King Of The Underworld 03. Animals 04. Rotten Flesh 05. Fractured Dreams 06. War 07. Tonight You Are Mine 08. Move On 09. Predator 10. Out Of My Way 11. Mundo Adverso 12. Dont Mess With Me DISC #2: 01. Inexistencia (suicide Commando Remix) 02. War (nachtmahr Remix) 03. Rotten Flesh (pride And Fall Remix) 04. Don't Mess With Me (amduscia Remix) 05. Move On (decoded Feedback Remix) 06. War (circuito Cerrado Remix) 07. Rotten Flesh (dawn Of Ashes Remix) 08. King Of The Underworld (infected Sound System Remix) 09. Don't Mess With Me (synapsyche Remix) 10. Out Of My Way (supressor Remix) 11. Rotten Flesh (god Destruction Remix) 12. King Of The Underworld (siva Six Remix)

Format: CD

Disc Quantity: 2
Release date: 01-08-2019
Item # : 535765     NEW
Availability: 2/3 WEEKS, NOT IN STOCK

2 - C-LEKKTOR - REWIND 10X - (CD) 

A decade seems like an eternity when it is ahead of you. In hindsight it shrinks to a blur of activity, glory and heart ache. C-Lekktor has used their time well. Crawling out of the obscurity of a drug war ravaged country, they possessed an urgency and hunger that made them an irresistible force. It is not an easy feat for any band to break out of the confinements of their mother country, but C-lekktor conquered the world with vengeance: Russia, UK, USA, Germany, Brazil, Chile, Peru,. you get the idea. This is a hard working band, taking up any opportunity to spread their message with hard beats, punishingsynth lines and blistering vocal's. All driven by the relentless energy of Marko, the charismatic front man of this exceptional outfit. So it's time to celebrate, and what better than to invite all your friends to create a unique birthday present for yourself! "Rewind 10x" give you a lineup of remixers that reads like a who is who of this very specific niche of awesome: starting with the godfather himself [Suicide Commando] moving on to long time collaborator and producer of the band X-Fusion. And than they just keep coming: XP8,Cenobita, Shiv-r, Accessory, iVardensphere, Die Braut, Centhron, Nolongerhuman, BlakOPz, Chainreactor. "Rewind 10x" clocks in 79 minutes of stomping, harsh electro that leaves nothing to be desired.

TRACKLISTING: 01. Solo En La Oscuridad Suicide Commando Rmx 02. Sick Of You X-fusion Rmxx 03. In Memoriam Xp8 Rmx 04. Pecados (guilty Version) Feat: Cenobita 05. Paralisis Shiv-r Rmx 06. El Comienzo De La Muerte Accessory Rmx 07. World Of Fantasy Ivardensphere Rmx 08. An Empty Soul Ginger Snap5 Rmx 09. Silence Remains (lullaby Version) 10. Refusing The Paradise Die Braut Rmx 11. Despues Del Apocalipsis Centhron Rmx 12. No Time (d-monikk Versin) Feat: God Destruction 13. We Are Already Dead Nolongerhuman Rmx 14. Juicio Final Blakopz Rmx 15. Welcome To My World Chainreactor Rmx 16. Stigmata (heresy Version)

Format: CD

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 21-10-2014
Item # : 469951     NEW
Availability: 2/3 WEEKS, NOT IN STOCK


Their first album "The Silence Progression" was an impressive calling card for C-Lekktor. Fans of harsh electro embraced the trio from mexico with passion and declared them the rightful heirs to electro Gods Hocico But C-lekktor are not resting on their laurels -they are cementing the great impression with their new 10 track EP "Tendencias Suicidas"Fast, furious and catchy as fuck - C-lekktor instantly are hammering away with the title track "Suicidal Tendencias".The bandr gives no quarter while progressing through the rest of the EP. Hard electro, technoid 303 riffs and distorted vocals are pitching "Tendencias Suicidas" into a feeding frenzy that make amazonian piranhas green with envy Jan [X-Fusion] decided to give this amazingly talented band a hand and produced and mixed the EP. His deep knowledge of sound and proper production gives Tendencias Suicidas" the bleeding edge that ill cut you like a knife. Decoded Feedback, FGFC820 and Alien Vampires contributed outstanding remixes.Tracklisting:Suicidal Tendencies Living Dead World of Fantasy Juicio Final D Our Dark Side [Decoded Feedback Remix] DSee My Hate [Alien Vampires Remix] Our Dark Side [Drained Scorn Remix] See My Hate [FGFC820 Remix] Our Dark Side[Sin.Thetic.Squad Remix] See My Hate [De:Source Remix]

Format: CD

Disc Quantity: 1
Release date: 26-03-2010
Item # : 405979     
Availability: IN STOCK

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